Alain Quintard- Le Seul En Roller Pour Le ‘MS Toronto Bike Tour’

Il y a deux semaines, j’ai pris part à l’édition 2010 du ” MS – Toronto Bike Tour”. Et tout comme par les années passées, j’étais le seul “cycliste”… en patins à roulettes!

Alain Quintard (droite) au ‘MS – Toronto Bike Tour’

Pour ceux d’entre vous qui sont familiers avec la région de Toronto, le parcours très pittoresque allait du parc Centennial jusqu’au Lakeshore (et retour!) en suivant la rivière Humber.

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Four Canadians race at Skate of the Union, bring back hardware

Four Canadians took to the start of this past weekend’s Skate of the Union in Chantilly, Virginia. The race, which was held next to Washington Dulles International Airport, was part of the NROC- a North American series of races & events.

Morgane Echardour placed 1st in the women’s division, managing to race with the chase pack.

Morgane Echardour (center) flanked by Jessica Wright & Karin Gabriel- photo by Peter Doucet,

Peter Doucet leads the winning break- photo from Diana Tan

Peter Doucet placed 3rd overall after being involved in initiation a number of breakaways, including the winning break that featured 5 skaters.

Toronto’s Herb Gayle placed 16th overall and Frederickton’s Nadine Currie-Jackson placed 4th amongst women.

Herb Gayle- photo by Peter Doucet,

The great story here is Morgane Echardour is likely to win the 2010 NROC Open Women’s division. Candy Wong from Toronto & Nadine Currie-Jackson will likely finish 2nd and 3rd, making the NROC Open Women’s podium an all-Canadian affair. In the men’s NROC Open Division, Peter Doucet scored top points at the Skate of the Union, giving him a real shot at the NROC title. Herb Gayle is sitting comfortable in 2nd place in the Veteran Men’s division, with an outside shot at the Veteran Men’s title.

For results and pictures, use these links and see the archives under September 19th:

Canadian skaters strong at North America’s Biggest Event in Duluth, MN

Morgane Echardour finishes 3rd in Pro Women’s- Echardour and Candy Wong now 1st & 2nd in North American Series, Winnipeg’s Damian Konotopetz wins Senior Eilte, Erwin Baertschi wins Grand Veterans, Randy Plett 4th in Veteran Elite Men

A number of Canadian skaters used the biggest inline skating event in North America- the 2010 Northshore Inline Marathon- as a setting to earn excellent results.

Morgane Echardour placed 3rd in the Pro Women’s race at the NSIM- photo from Peter Doucet,

The 42km marathon, held in rain and wet conditions in Duluth, MN, attracted about 3000 skaters, including a strong contingent from across Canada.

Skaters rolled and raced from Two Harbors to Duluth in the point-to-point race, covering the 42km’s in a variety of age and ability categories.

Hayley Wickenheiser Challenges all Canadians to “Team Up” for Jersey Day on September 17

On Friday, Sept. 17, “team up” to show your support for sport in your own community. In boardrooms, on Parliament Hill, behind anchor desks and in classrooms, all Canadians will have the opportunity to dig out their favourite jersey, team or club uniform and wear it proudly to school, work or play on national Jersey Day. Jersey Day is a fun way to rally support for Sports Day in Canada, and get all Canadians to demonstrate our love and support for sport.

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Stephane Tremblay’s North of the 49th Marathon report

On August 29th 2010, it was the 13th edition of the North of 49th marathon. This race takes place at the famous Birds Hill Park where several PAN AM competitions took place.

This year was the 8th consecutive year that I completed this marathon and there is a reason for that. Since the 2001 Canadian Championships were held in Winnipeg, I realized how nice, generous and genuine the Winnipeg skating community was.

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Ontario Children’s Activity Tax Credit: Helping Children be Healthy and Active

Helping Children be Healthy and Active: McGuinty Government Introducing Children’s Activity Tax Credit

Ontario is proposing a new permanent, refundable tax credit that would make it a little easier for parents to get their children involved in sports, arts and other activities.

Under the proposed tax credit, parents would be able to claim up to $500 of eligible expenses per child. They would receive a refundable tax credit worth up to $50 per child, or up to $100 for a child with a disability. The tax credit could benefit over 1.8 million children.

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Ottawa hosts successful Inline Skating Festival

The Ottawa Inline Skating Festival took place yesterday in Ottawa under windy conditions.

According to event organizers, the event, which was part of the NROC, attracted a record number of participants.

Peter Doucet & Martine Charbonneau claimed the triple crown titles by skating the fastest cumulative time for all three distances including the 10km, 42km, and 21km distances. Doucet swept all three distances while Charbonneau topped female skaters in two of three distances- the 10km & 42km, while Morgane Echardour won the 21km race.

Start of the 42km marathon- photo by Simon Clement