Hayley Wickenheiser Challenges all Canadians to “Team Up” for Jersey Day on September 17

On Friday, Sept. 17, “team up” to show your support for sport in your own community. In boardrooms, on Parliament Hill, behind anchor desks and in classrooms, all Canadians will have the opportunity to dig out their favourite jersey, team or club uniform and wear it proudly to school, work or play on national Jersey Day. Jersey Day is a fun way to rally support for Sports Day in Canada, and get all Canadians to demonstrate our love and support for sport.

What jersey will you wear on the 17th? Your local basketball team jersey, a favourite sports hero’s team colours, your swim club tracksuit, an authentic throwback jersey? Any one will work! Tweet it, text it, blog it, email it, and get the discussion going on Facebook to spread the word. The goal is to have as many people as possible in Canada wearing a jersey, team or club uniform on this day!

Canada’s own Hayley Wickenheiser, four time Olympic medalist in women’s hockey, will be participating in Jersey Day. Will you? Click here to view Hayley’s challenge to the entire country to participate in Jersey Day on Sept.17th!

Canadians all across the country will have the opportunity to submit their unique Jersey Day photos to www.cbcsports.ca/sportsday for a chance to be featured on the Sports Day in Canada national CBC broadcast on Sept. 18. Encourage others to do the same via your social media networks and may the most passionate sports supporter win!!

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For more information on Sports Day in Canada, or to register or find a local Sports Day in Canada celebration event near you, visit: www.cbcsports.ca/sportsday