Notice of Procedural Change – Insurance

Roller Sports Canada plans to continue its long-standing support of providing additional and supplementary insurance for its members. Having insurance in sports such as the ones we partake in is a necessity, and having a quick response when an injury occurs is paramount.

As you may be aware, the issue of insurance claims has become a serious one for all teams due to the growing number of injuries during practices and competitions. As our sports grow and gain popularity, these will continue to increase. In the past year alone, we have seen a 40% increase in claims across all disciplines.

Roller Sports Canada Appoints Two to Board of Directors, Deux Nommés au Conseil d’Administration de Roller Sports Canada

Roller Sports Canada is pleased to announce the following appointments to the Board of Directors, effective immediately:

  • Maxine Mckenzie – Director at Large
  • Jim Bourne – Vice President, Roller Derby


Roller Sports Canada est heureux d’annoncer que les suivants sont nommés au Conseil d’administration:

  • Maxine Mckenzie – Administrateur
  • Jim Bourne – Vice-président , Roller Derby

Roller Sports Canada Abiding By New Federal Government Legislation Regarding Not-For-Profit Organizations

Roller Sports Canada is abiding by new Federal Government legislation regarding all non-for-profit organizations. Each of our registered clubs is being invited to participate in a teleconference in early January to vote on these changes. The process for these changes is as follows:

1. Hold Special General Meeting and have members agree to accept Bylaws – Step 1
2. Send Step 1 – Bylaws to Industry Canada for Approval
3. After receipt of approval from Industry Canada – Call 2nd Special General Meeting
4. At 2nd Special General Meeting pass a motion to accept the Step 2 Bylaws and to file the articles of continuance
5. File Step 2 – Bylaws and Articles of Continuance with Industry Canada.
6. Done. Implementation of the “new” bylaws.

Tyler Congdon New RSC President, Tyler Congdon est le Nouveau Président de RSC

Tyler Congdon is the new President of Roller Sports Canada following Wayne Burrett’s retirement on June 11th 2013 . Tyler Congdon became the new President thanks to a unanimous vote by the current RSC Board of Directors.

Wayne Burrett became involved with RSC in the early 2000’s and has been involved with roller sports in Canada since 1973. He served in a multitude of capacities in Roller Figure Skating and Roller Speed Skating. He will support Tyler Congdon in the transition until the new AGM is called.

There is a new set of By-Laws for RSC due to be released in a few months. These By-Laws will bring the Federation in compliance with the new Government rules for Not-For-Profit Organizations. A copy of these By-Laws will be released in the near future.

Thank you Wayne, and good luck Tyler!


Tyler Congdon est le nouveau Président de RSC suivant la retraite de Wayne Burrett le 11 Juin 2013. Tyler Congdon est devenu le nouveau président grâce à un vote à l’unanimité par le conseil d’administration de RSC.

Wayne Burrett est devenu impliqué avec RSC dans le début des années 2000 et a été impliqué dans les sports à roulettes au Canada depuis 1973. Il a servi dans une multitude de capacités qui incluent le patinage artistique roller et de patinage de vitesse roller. Il soutiendra Tyler Congdon dans la transition jusqu’à ce que la nouvelle assemblée générale de RSC est appelée.

Il aura de nouveaux règlements administratifs pour RSC qui devraient être publiés d’ici quelques mois. Ces règlements apporterons la Fédération en conformité avec les nouvelles règles du gouvernement Canadien pour les organismes sans but lucratif. Une copie de ces règlements sera publié dans un proche avenir.

Vancouver 2011 Outgames Update

The Board, members, friends and supporters of GLISA North America and the entire LGBTQ community celebrate the termination of the “Don’t ask; don’t tell” policy in the US military. The historic and long-overdue Act of Congress on Saturday, December 18, 2010 ends this policy and permits gay and lesbian individuals to serve their country proudly and with dignity. The United States now joins other countries, such as Canada, Holland, Denmark, Scandinavia, Great Britain, Australia and others where one’s lifestyle does not exclude one from serving in the military.

Vancouver 2011 Outgames Update

The Vancouver 2011 Outgames will include 18 sports, a 3-day LGBT Human Rights Conference, and a week-long Culture celebration supported by the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association (“GLISA North America”) and Team Vancouver.

Join us at the games as we join the City of Vancouver in celebrating its 125th milestone anniversary of its founding. Vancouver and Whistler were also home of the last Winter Olympics. Whistler will host 4 “mountain” sports including Golf, Alpine Marathon and Half-Marathon, Eco-Challenge, and Mountain Biking.

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Ontario Children’s Activity Tax Credit: Helping Children be Healthy and Active

Helping Children be Healthy and Active: McGuinty Government Introducing Children’s Activity Tax Credit

Ontario is proposing a new permanent, refundable tax credit that would make it a little easier for parents to get their children involved in sports, arts and other activities.

Under the proposed tax credit, parents would be able to claim up to $500 of eligible expenses per child. They would receive a refundable tax credit worth up to $50 per child, or up to $100 for a child with a disability. The tax credit could benefit over 1.8 million children.

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Roller skating craze briefly struck Moncton in the 1880s

For three short years in the 1880s, Moncton was home to one of the finest roller skating rinks in New England and eastern Canada.

The Victoria Block, circa.1921, at the corner of Robinson and Main Streets, of which the Victoria Roller Rink was once a part.
Built at the corner of Robinson and Main Streets on land purchased from W.J. Robinson, the Victoria Roller Rink held its grand opening on October 14, 1884.

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The Victoria Block, circa.1921, at the corner of Robinson and Main Streets, of which the Victoria Roller Rink was once a part.‘- photo from here

Student skates across Canada to raise awareness

A month and a half ago, 21-year-old Daniel Cloutier strapped on his inline skates in Vancouver, B.C., and began heading east.

Later today, he’ll roll into Greater Sudbury today, three years to the date of his uncle’s death following a four-year battle with cancer. His girlfriend, Chantal Courcelles, estimate they will arrive in the city between 2 and 3 p.m.

Greater Sudbury is a stop on the way to Halifax, N.S., where Cloutier will end his trek at the end of July.

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