RSC Speed Committee- Rules and Regulations

The RSC’s Speed Committee works on behalf of RSC Speed members, with the aims of success, excellence, and growth in roller/ inline speed skating.

Mandate for the Speed Committee

1. The RSC Speed Committee is set-up to manage and conduct roller and inline speed skating’s affairs on behalf of Roller Sports Canada’s Board of Directors. Some of the tasks entrusted to the Speed Committee’s responsibility, care and guidance include but are not limited to:
a) When feasible, coordinate the organization, or directly organize Championships for i) Indoor, ii) outdoor, and iii) marathon.
b) Update and maintain communication methods for communications with RSC Registrants, Members (clubs), coaches, officials.
c) Arrange partnerships and strategic alliances with organizations, federations, governing bodies, clubs, companies, sponsors, coaches, officials, athletes, vendors, manufacturers, media.
d) Develop and implement strategic plans for growth and improvement for skaters, coaches, officials, clubs.
e) Encourage affiliation with RSC via registration and racing licenses.
f) Maintain and update Rulebook (Rules for RSC Speed).
g) Maintain minutes of i) Annual Meeting, ii) Internal Committee meetings.
h) Develop immediate near-term strategy as well as medium and long term strategies.
i) Set-up mandate, staffing, and coordinate sub-committees.
j) Develop and implement plans for coaching and officiating.
k) Develop a guide for hosts/ organizers of the Canadian Championships.
l) Maintain and update record books with distances, categories, placements and times.
m) Help to provide clear guidelines for process for registration and membership to RSC for i) individuals (registrants), ii) clubs (members)
n) Manage RSC’s international teams (World, Pan American, World Games) including: i) selection process, ii) registration, iii) clothing, iv) sponsors, v) travel, vi) accommodations, vii) team manager selection, viii) coach selection, ix) funding x) accreditation, xi) additional supports for the athletes and teams, xii) athlete contracts, xiii) supervision of under-aged athletes, xiv) notification to membership of competitions and process for registration.
o) Develop and implement a budget and ensure efficient spending
p) Develop a code of ethics for the Speed Committee.
q) Develop guiding principles for RSC Speed.
r) Develop and support RSC Human Rights, Anti-Doping, Ethics, Inclusion, Anti-Harassment, Anti-Racist, Safety, and Governance Policies.
s) According to the RSC Speed Budget, as approved by the RSC Board, seek and hire outside help according to RSC Speed plans.
t) Deliberate and make decisions on requests on an as-needed basis.
u) Form, organize & re-organize, staff, guide and lead sub-committees and ad-hoc groups for short, medium and long term completion of projects, tasks and to support RSC Speed’s mandate(s). These may be composed of paid as well as volunteer individuals, groups, associations, corporations, Non-RSC members and other entities.
v) Maintain records of Speed Committee meetings.
w) Communicate with RSC Speed Registrants and RSC Board.
x) Publish policy documents (for example rules, coaching policies, officiating policies, competition systems, qualification process for events, competition system, goals and mandate, ethical standards, description of competition venue, developmental systems, finance and budget) to ensure transparency and effective development.
y) Work with the RSC Board to ensure the RSC Speed Committee has the right and the authority to implement the RSC Speed Committee- Rules and Regulations.
z) operate in official languages