World Championships Almost Wrapped Up, Canadians Face Fast Racers

Roller & inline speed skating is very deep and competitive throughout the world. Canada’s team has been stacked up against incredibly competitive and experienced skaters in every race and in every division.

Some of our skaters are a little discouraged because of the low placements but if you look at two things it makes it seem a little better. For one if you look at our times from our last banked track event, Worlds in Gijon Spain, they are almost all faster now, so we are improving. Two there are 16 less countries here than in Spain and all the strong counties are here which means there are 16 countries that we are usually in contention with or beating that are not here. All in all I am very happy with the performance so far.

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Registration For Vancouver’s 2011 North American Outgames Now Open

Vancouver, July 2011 is the place to be. Sport, Human Rights and more than a week of culture and celebration festivities planned for the 2nd North America Outgames July 25-31, 2011 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“This will be a momentous event in Canada’s newest Olympic city,” says John Boychuk, President of the Vancouver 2011 Outgames Steering Committee. “People are going to be impressed and enchanted by the quality of the events that we’ve planned for them during the 2nd North America Outgames.”

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Canadians Take to the Track at Worlds

Canada’s squad has taken to the track at the World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Guarne, Colombia.

With the first day of racing completed, officials have already had to deal with rain delays. Races has have been postponed and delayed.

Colombian skaters bested the 300-meter time trial World Records on day 1 & day 2 of racing.

You can use the following links below for results, live updates & video, & more;

Alex D’mello on the line ready for the 10km points-elimination

Photo from & Bont Skates

Canadian Skaters March Proudly in Colombia at Worlds Opening Ceremony, Racing Now Under Way

Canada’s 2010 World Team marched at the opening ceremony for the World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Guarne, Colombia.

Mackayla D’mello was selected as Canada’s flag bearer for last night’s televised opening ceremony.

Today’s 300-meter sprint heats are just about concluded. The senior men’s heats have been delayed because of rain.

In the junior men’s 300-meter sprint, Tyron Harkiss and Brett Leavens skated good times, but the duo were still ways back from the top mark set by Colombia’s Juan Camilo Perez with a time of 24.383-seconds.

Leah Kaluta skated the senior women’s 300-meter sprint. Colombia’s Jercy Puello set the world record in that distance with a time of 25.838-seconds.

Photo from Bont Skates

Canadian Skaters set for World Championships in Colombia

A group of five skaters and two supporters are now in Colombia for the World Roller Speed Skating Championships. The World Championships kick off tomorrow October 21st with the opening ceremony. Racing begins on Friday with the 300-meter time-trials.

The Hotel itself is very nice and clean and the staff are amazingly accommodating. After our translator helped us check in and showed us to our rooms we went into the dining hall where the cooks, whom I’m almost positive just woke up for us, made the team warm sandwiches and peach mango juice at 11:30 at night. It was a nice welcoming after a long day. The rooms are both very spacious and clean – although there is a huge gap underneath our door which leads right outside, which makes me think of all the creepy crawlies that could get in, so far I have only seen 1 moth, and I hope that’s all we find.

The skaters will compete in a variety of distance races in men’s & women’s junior & senior divisions on the track (200-meters with inclined corners), on a road course, culminating with a marathon.

This year’s team is comprised of skaters who are based in Calgary. This will be Tyron Haarkiss’ and Mackayla D’mello’s first-ever World Championship experience.

The Canadian squad on the track preparing for Worlds in Colombia- photo from CRISC

The reality for skating in Canada is that the skaters and support staff are limited in resources. Roller Sports Canada offers limited funding for World teams.

Roller Sports Canada wishes the 2010 Canadian team plenty success, safe skating, and a very positive experience in Colombia.

Representing Canada are:

  • Senior Men: Alex D’mello (Calgary)
  • Senior Women: Leah Kaluta (Calgary)
  • Junior Men: Brett Leavens (Calgary), Tyron Haarkiss (Calgary)
  • Junior Women: Mackayla D’mello (Calgary)
  • Support: Tyler Congdon- Team Manager/ Coach (Calgary), Sergio Almeralla- support (Ottawa)

Follow our Canadian skaters’ results using the following websites:

Jérôme Comtois-Urbain et Martine Charbonneau premiers au Défi de l’Ile de Montréal

Jérôme Comtois-Urbain et Martine Charbonneau ont franchis la ligne du Défi de l’Ile de Montréal en première place dans en 5-heures 32-minutes.

Les patins de Jérôme Comtois-Urbain après le Défi- photo de Taz Vitesse

Après une chute de Martine Charbonneau et moi au bout de 1.5 km, causé par un freinage du peloton et des branches, nous avons roulé en peloton d’environ 10 personnes pendant 10 km. Après cela, nous étions plus que 5. Le 5ième a lâché le peloton en haut d’une côte où il n’a pas été capable de suivre. Un autre a décroché à mi-parcours. Pour la 2ième moitié de course, j’ai roulé avec Philippe Gagnon et Martine Charbonneau, jusqu’à l’arrivé.

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Leo Frusteri finishes top-10 at World Masters Marathon Champs, Morgan Williams Falls

Toronto’s Leo Frusteri carved out a top-10 finish in a mad dash for the line and for a World Champion’s colored jersey at World Masters Marathon Championships in Italy. The marathon was held on a technical course in rainy conditions.

Leo Frusteri & Morgan Williams (in black & red)- photo from here

Frusteri, who was complaining before the race that his legs didn’t feel as good as he’d like, completed the marathon in a time of 1-hour 17-minutes 16-seconds, a mere 2-seconds behind the race winner Patrizio Giulioni from Italy. Frusteri ended up in 7th place.

Along with Frusteri was Canadian teammate Morgan Williams. He finished in 19th place with a time of 1-hour 18-minutes 4-seconds. Morgan Williams was skating very well during the race, looking poised for a great result. Unfortunately, he ended up crashing in the race after getting tangled up with a skater from Austria while skating though one of the corners of the tricky course.

Leo Frusteri & Morgan Williams Competing in Worlds Masters Champs This Weekend

Toronto Inline Skating Club duo taking on world’s best masters skaters at Championships in Italy

The Toronto Inline Skating Club’s Leo Frusteri and Morgan Williams will be representing Canada at the World Masters Championships this weekend in Italy

The pair leave for Italy on Thursday and will race against the world’s best Masters skaters this weekend. They will be racing in the marathon- a 42km race taking place in Pavullo nel Frignano near Bologna, Italy.

The two skaters have trained very hard for this competition, following a strict regimen of daily work outs, concentrating on proper nutrition, and attending key races.

Roller Sports Canada wishes all the best and good luck to Leo and Morgan.

Morgan Williams (in white) skates with good company, including World Champion Jorge Botero and strong skaters from Italy- photo by spdhk

Leo Frusteri displays strong focus at starting line- photo

Candy Wong Wins 38-Mile at Athens to Atlanta, Martine Charbonneau 4th in 87-Mile

The Toronto Inline Skating Club‘s Candy Wong finished first at October 3rd’s Athens to Atlanta.

Skating in the 38-mile distance, Wong cross the line in a hair over 2-hours 15-minutes.

Martine Charbonneau, who won the full 87-mile distance in the past, placed 4th of all women in the full 87-mile distance. According to reports, Charbonneau was in position to finishing in the top-3 when she took a wrong turn and got lost while skating the closing section of the open-road course when entering Atlanta.

Candy Wong (in red) skating Athens to Atlanta- photo from Lenny Willcox

Canadian Skaters Win North American Series

Peter Doucet, Morgane Echardour, Morgan Williams win NROC divisions, more Canadians on podium

Canada’s favorite skate couple won matching titles today as the top skaters in the pro open division of the 2010 National Roller Cup.

Speed Skate World’s Peter Doucet came from behind in the last three weeks of the season to take the title away from NROC newcomer Ty Fidler.

Canadians raced to the podium steps of this year’s NROC, a North American racing series comprised of a variety of events including marathons and ultra-marathons.

Nadine-Currie Jackson (left) and Morgane Echardour (right)- photo from Peter Doucet,

Peter Doucet and Morgane Echardour were crowned the Open Men & Women’s Champions while Morgan Williams was the Veteran Men’s Champion.

Peter Doucet (right): NROC Champion- photo from spdhk

Other Canadian skaters who stepped onto the podium included Herb Gayle (Veteran Men) and Nadine Currie-Jackson (Open Women).

Candy Wong was a members of the winning team- Asphalt Beach/K2- while finishing 4th in the Open Women’s category. Also placing 4th in his catergory was Scott Pauley.

In the advanced division, Claudia Thibodeau and Chantal Desjardins placed 2nd and 3rd while Montreal’s Dominique Clement was 4th in the senior men’s division.