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2008-02-24– RSO Indoor Series– Mississauga, Ontario

2008-03-16– RSO Indoor Series– Mississauga, Ontario

2008-03-16– Toronto Inline Skating Club- Annual General Meeting, Scooter’s [Meeting Agenda & details], 12:00pm, Mississauga, Ontario

2008-04-06– RSO Indoor Series, Mississauga, Ontario

2008-04-06– Toronto Inline Skating Club Open House, Mississauga, Ontario

2008-04-13– Minto Run For Reach– Ottawa, Ontario

2008-04-21– Breakawayskate Dryland BootCamp, Ottawa, Ontario

2008-05-05– Nortel Tour, Ottawa, Ontario

2008-05-10– Trillium Run [Online Registration]- Mount-Forest, Ontario

2008-05-11– Marathon Skate Montreal– Montreal, Quebec

2008-05-17 to 18– Breakawayskate SpeedCamp, Ottawa, Ontario

2008-05-18– RSO Outdoor Series #1, Ottawa/ Alymer, Ontario

2008-05-24– Wolverine Inline Marathon, Detroit, MI, USA

2008-05-24– Eastern Seaboard Series #1, Trexlertown, PA, USA

2008-05-25– Coupe Quebec Roller #1, Montreal (Longueuil), Quebec

2008-05-27 to 29– Breakawayskate SpeedCamp, Vancouver, British Colombia

2008-05-30 to 06-01- RSO Speed Championships– Christ The King 200-meter Track, Toronto, Ontario

May 30- practice, May 31 and June 1- racing [Information, Forms, Hotels, Distances]

2008-05-31 to 06-01– Breakawayskate SpeedCamp, Prince George, British Colombia

2008-06-06 to 08– TISC Rondeau Training/ Camping Trip, Rondeau Provincial Park, Ontario (CANCELLED)

2008-06-14– 12-Hour Skate-athon, Harriston, Ontario (POSTPONED)

8am to 8pm, BBQ and games, camp or stay at the CITC on Saturday night, $10 for 12 hours of skating with proceeds going to getting skinsuits for younger skaters

2008-06-15– RSO Outdoor Series #2, Harriston, Ontario (POSTPONED)

2008-06-22– Coupe Quebec Roller #2, Montreal (Longueuil), Quebec

2008-06-27 to 30- RSC Speed Championships– CITC 200-meter banked track, Harriston, Ontario

June 27- practice, June 28-29- racing, June 30- rain date [Information, Forms, Hotels, Distances & categories] [Outdoor Speed entry form] [World Team Trials entry form]

2008-06-28– Eastern Seaboard Series #2, Trexlertown, PA, USA

2008-07-01– Canada Day Marathon– Cambridge, Ontario

[Canada Day Marathon Brochure] [Canada Day Marathon Flyer]

2008-07-06– Coupe Quebec Roller #3, Montreal (Longueuil), Quebec

2008-07-16 to 18– Breakawayskate SpeedCamp, Toronto, Ontario (CANCELLED)

2008-07-20– RSO Outdoor Series #2, Toronto, Ontario (POSTPONED)

2008-07-26– Eastern Seaboard Series #3, Trexlertown, PA, USA

2008-07-26 to 27Canadian World Team & Open Training Camp, Harriston, Ontario (RESHEDULED)

2008-07-27– Inline Skate for MS Half Marathon [Event brochure PDF], Thunder Bay, Ontario

2008-08-03– Coupe Quebec Roller #4, Montreal (Longueuil), Quebec

2008-08-17– GetInline.ca– Woodbine Park, Toronto, Ontario

2008-08-23– Eastern Seaboard Series #4, Trexlertown, PA, USA

2008-08-23– Fund Raising Clinic for the Ontario Menbers of the 2008 World Team– Harriston, Ontario

2008-08-24– RSO Outdoor Series #3, Harriston, Ontario

2008-08-24– North of the 49th Marathon– Winnipeg, Manitoba

2008-08-31– Ottawa Inline Skating Festival– Ottawa, Ontario

2008-09-04 to 12– World Roller Speed Skating Championships, Gijon, Spain

2008-09-06– Eastern Seaboard Series #5, Trexlertown, PA, USA

2008-09-06 to 07- Montreal 24 Hours Inline– Montreal, Quebec

2008-09-13– Northshore Inline Marathon, Duluth, MN, USA

2008-09-20– RSO Outdoor Series #4, Toronto, Ontario

2008-09-27– NYC Skate Marathon & New York 100k– New York, NY, USA

2008-10-05– Athens to Atlanta, Athens/ Atlanga, GA, USA

2008-10-12– RSO Outdoor Series #2 (rescheduled from July), Toronto, Ontario

2008-10-18– Defi de l’Iile de Montreal– Montreal, Quebec

2008-12-06 to 07– OISC Indoor Invitational Race Series– Ottawa, Ontario

2009-01-17 to 18– Clinic & Workshop with Yann Guyader & Speed Skate World, Montreal, Quebec

2009-01-25– Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club Invitational #1, Mississauga, Ontario

2009-02-07– OISC Indoor Invitational Race Series– Ottawa, Ontario

2009-02-22– Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club Invitational #2, Mississauga, Ontario

2009-03-08 to 14– Skate Mexico 2009– [RRC siteIP events], Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

2009-03-28– Grand Opening- Le Taz Indoor Skate Park, Montreal, Quebec

2009-03-29– Toronto Inline Skating Club Annual General Meeting, Mississauga, Ontario

2009-04-26– Minto Run For Reach, Ottawa, Ontario

2009-04-29 to 05-03– Spring Banked Track Clinic, (note to Canadian skaters), Colorado Springs, USA

*2009-05 to 09– Taz (Montreal 200-meter indoor) schedule, Montreal, Quebec

2009-05-02 to 03– Clinic by Aaron Arndt, Toronto, Ontario

2009-05-02– Eastern Seaboard Series #1, Trexlertown, PA, USA

2009-05-09– Trillium 10k, Mount Forest, Ontario

2009-05-10– RSO Series #1 [Details], Toronto

2009-05-15 to 17– Ice to Inline Spring Camp, Harriston, Ontario

2009-05-17– Marathon Roller De Montreal– Montreal, Quebec

2009-05-21– 11 Km at BHP – Handicap race, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2009-05-22 to 23– Rib’N’Roll, Brampton, Ontario

2009-05-30 to 31– RSO Outdoor Speed Championships, Harriston, Ontario

[General information] [Basic rules] [Entry form] [Schedule of events]

2009-06-06– 22 Km at BHP, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2009-06-06 to 07– Montreal 24 Hours Inline– Montreal, Quebec

2009-06-14– RSO Series #2, Toronto, Ontario

2009-06-18– Summer Solstice, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2009-06-20– Eastern Seaboard Series #2, Trexlertown, PA, USA

2009-06-20– Hamilton Beach Monthly Marathon, Burlington, Ontario

2009-07-01– Canada Day Marathon– Cambridge, Ontario

[Brochure with directions, entry, times, & more info (PDF version)] [Flyer with information (PDF version)] [Hotel information]

2009-07-03 to 05 rain date 6th– RSC Outdoor Championships (Nationals)- Toronto, Ontario

[Information, entry forms, basic schedule, and hotel information]

2009-07-11– Eastern Seaboard Series #3, Trexlertown, PA, USA

2009-07-11– 7/11 Fun 75 KM at BHP, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2009-07-12– RSC Annual General Meeting (AGM)- Oshawa, Ontario

*Information and details not yet available

2009-07-18– TBN Monthly Marathon, Hamilton Beach, Burlington, Ontario

2009-07-19 POSTPONED– RSO Series #3, Ottawa, Ontario

2009-07-19– MS Run & Roll Half Marathon [PDF Flyer], Thunder Bay, Ontario

2009-07-21– 11 Km at BHP, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2009-07-25 to 08-02– World OutGames, Copenhagen, Denmark

2009-08-04– 11 KM at BHP – Handicap, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2009-08-02– RSO Series #4, Harriston, Ontario

2009-08-15– TBN Monthly Marathon, Hamilton Beach, Burlington, Ontario

2009-08-15– Minnesota Half Marathon, St Paul, Minnesota

2009-08-15– Hamilton Beach Monthly Marathon, Burlington, Ontario

2009-08-16– GetInline.ca– Toronto, Ontario

2009-08-22– Eastern Seaboard Series #4, Trexlertown, PA, USA

2009-08-30– North Of The 49th Marathon [Info on IPSN], Winnipeg, Manitoba

2009-09-06– Ottawa Inine Skating Festival, Ottawa, Ontario

2009-09-12– 22 Km at BHP, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2009-09-13– Eastern Seaboard Series #5/ Skate of the Union, Chantilly, VA, USA

2009-09-16 to 27– World Roller Speed Skating Championships, Haining, China

[Information on FIRS site] [Official Website]

*To participate, athletes must qualify through the RSC Outdoor Championships (Nationals) in July

2009-09-19– Northshore Inline Marathon, Duluth, MN, USA

2009-09-26– New York 100k & NYC Skate Marathon, New York, NY, USA

2009-10-11– Athens to Atlanta– Athens, GA, USA

2009-10-17– Defi de l’Iile de Montreal– Montreal, Quebec

2009-11-28– TAZ Roller Cup #1 [More Information], Montreal, Quebec

2009-12-19– Le Championnat VRL (Indoor), Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2010-03-14– TAZ Roller Cup #2 [More information] [Online registration], Montreal, Quebec

2010-05-08– Trillium 10k, Mount Forest 10k, Mount Forest, Ontario

2010-05-09– Marathon Roller de Montreal [Online registration], Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2010-05-29– Eastern Seaboard Series #1, Trexlertown, PA, USA

2010-06-06– TAZ Roller Cup #3, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2010-06-19– Eastern Seaboard Series #2, Trexlertown, PA, USA

2010-07-01– Canada Day Marathon, Cambridge, Ontario
[Document with basic information] [Pamphlet and entry form]

2010-07-17– Eastern Seaboard Series #3, Allentown, PA, USA

2010-07-18– MS Run and Roll Half Marathon, Thunder Bay, Ontario

2010-07-20 to 26– Canadian Outdoor Roller Speed Skating Championships, Calgary, Alberta

2010-08-01– RSO Series, Toronto, Ontario

2010-08-07 to 08– Montreal 24 Hours Roller, Montreal, Quebec

2010-08-15– GetInline, Toronto, Ontario

2010-08-21– Eastern Seaboard Series #4, Trexlertown, PA, USA

2010-08-29– North of the 49th Marathon & Half Marathon, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2010-08-29– RSO Series, Harriston, Ontario

2010-09-05– Ottawa Inline Skating Festival, Ottawa, Ontario

2010-09-11– Northshore Inline Marathon, Duluth, MN, USA

2010-09-18– Sport Day in Canada– free skating, Harriston, Ontario

2010-09-19– Eastern Seaboard Series #5, Trexlertown, PA, or Chantilly, VA USA

2010-10-03– Athens to Atlanta, Georgia, USA

2010-10-16– Défi De L’Ile De Montréal, Montréal, Quebec

2010-10-16 to 17– World Masters Marathon Championship, Italy

2010-10-20 to 30– World Roller Speed Skating Championships, Colombia
*For Canadian skaters to participate, they must qualify through the 2010 RSC Outdoor Speed Championships in July