Toronto Ready to Host Nationals and Canada Day Marathon, Speed Annual Meeting on June 28th

The Toronto Inline Skating Club is ready to welcome Canadian skaters to race at the Canadian Championships on June 28-29 n Toronto and the Canada Day Marathon on July 1st in Cambridge.


On the women’s side, the trio of Olympic short track medalist Valerie Maltais, Pan Am Games racer Morgane Echardour, and Shannon Hegarty are expected to give spectators exciting races to cheer for!

On the men’s side, Nicolas Laborde (Colombia) and Chris Fiola should provide a lot of dust for their competition to chase!

The Speed Committee will also hold its Annual Meeting tomorrow night.

July 1st Edmonton Inline Skating Event

There will be an inline skating event in Edmonton on July 1st. Details can be found at the link below. It will be a 25 to 30min race. The course is smooth 1.1km loop

You may be required to sign a waiver form. When you arrive on site, look for INFRONT INLINE SPEED SKATING members: Dayton, Ivan, Sid, Glenn (see the picture). HELMET and WRIST GUARDS are required. All skaters must be there by 12:15pm. All skaters must demonstrate a left and a right turn, and show an ability to stop. There will be a Safety meeting at 1:00pm before the race. Skaters MUST attend this in order to participate