Notice of Procedural Change – Insurance

Roller Sports Canada plans to continue its long-standing support of providing additional and supplementary insurance for its members. Having insurance in sports such as the ones we partake in is a necessity, and having a quick response when an injury occurs is paramount.

As you may be aware, the issue of insurance claims has become a serious one for all teams due to the growing number of injuries during practices and competitions. As our sports grow and gain popularity, these will continue to increase. In the past year alone, we have seen a 40% increase in claims across all disciplines.

Roller Derby Message from VP Jim Bourne

I’ve recently accepted the position of V.P. Roller Derby with Roller Sports Canada. For those who are unaware, Roller Sports Canada is a Federally Incorporated Not For Profit which has been created to promote and further roller sports in Canada. They have been a member of the Canadian Olympic Association since 1979 and are currently a member of the Canadian Olympic Committee and are sending both Roller Figure and Roller Speed skaters to the Pan Am Games in Toronto in 2015.

I see this as an incredible opportunity to provide support for the Roller Derby Community in Canada from a national level.

A simple Google search turns up “Sport Canada contributions and recipients” which lists the following for 2013:
Broomball – $235,527
Cricket – $178,000
Ringette – $499,000
Among many other sports to a grand total of almost $211 Million in grants to amateur sports.

Unfortunately Roller Derby does not currently qualify for federal or provincial grants or funding (for the most part) due to not being organized at both a federal and provincial level. I see this as a major current road block not only for the development of our local teams but also for our provincial and national teams to making this a major sport in Canada. Imagine if our national and provincial teams could travel to events without having to worry about those travel costs (both nationally and internationally).

My hope is through Roller Sports Canada we can start down the road to organizing at a Provincial and a National level through which we can obtain funding for all from the National level through to the local leagues. And no, this is not an organization to replace WFTDA or MRDA. On the contrary I believe that organizationally having Federally recognized National and Provincial organizational bodies is one of the most important things that we can do in Canada right now and will only help push Canadian Roller Derby further and farther in those orgnizations.

To that end I’ve produced a questionnaire for anyone interested in Roller Derby in Canada to fill in. I would like to accept responses from now until January 10th and after that time I will collect the information and make it all public through the RSC website and here on Facebook.

The questionaire is at and I would be very thankful if you could all respond and share this post to our other Canadian Roller Derby skaters, fans, coaches, officials, and other support staff. It is private and I do not collect any personal information.

So please, fill this in and share it with your leagues and fans.

I’m excited for big things to happen!

Thanks Jim Bourne (Dev Null)

Roller Sports Canada Annual General Meeting: June 8th, Assemblée Générale Annuelle: 8 Juin

Roller Sports Canada Annual General Meeting

Sunday June 8th

11:00 A.M. Eastern Time


If you are the representative of a registered club or league please contact Mary Anne Themann at for log in information.


L’Assemblée Générale Annuelle de Roller Sports Canada aura lieu le 8 juin 2014 a 11h, heure de l’est.

Il y aura une téléconférence. Si vous êtes le/ la représentant(e) d’un Club ou d’une Ligue inscrit(e), svp contactez Mary Anne Themann pour plus d’information pour accéder à l’Assemblée.

Roller Sports Canada Abiding By New Federal Government Legislation Regarding Not-For-Profit Organizations

Roller Sports Canada is abiding by new Federal Government legislation regarding all non-for-profit organizations. Each of our registered clubs is being invited to participate in a teleconference in early January to vote on these changes. The process for these changes is as follows:

1. Hold Special General Meeting and have members agree to accept Bylaws – Step 1
2. Send Step 1 – Bylaws to Industry Canada for Approval
3. After receipt of approval from Industry Canada – Call 2nd Special General Meeting
4. At 2nd Special General Meeting pass a motion to accept the Step 2 Bylaws and to file the articles of continuance
5. File Step 2 – Bylaws and Articles of Continuance with Industry Canada.
6. Done. Implementation of the “new” bylaws.

RSC Thanks Wayne Burrett for Years of Service

Wayne Burrett’s retirement from RSC was recently celebrated by Roller Sports Canada.

Wayne Burrett was involved with RSC during its beginnings in the early 1970s’s and continues to support the Federation even after his retirement!

At the time of its creation, Roller Sports Canada was called the ‘Canadian Federation of Amateur Roller Skaters’. Wayne served to support athletes, coaches, Clubs and a variety of international Teams in roller figure and roller speed skating.

Roller Sports Canada thanks Wayne Burrett for his years of devoted service. RSC wishes him all the best in the future!


RSC Membership: Online Registration Coming Soon for 2014, Adhesion RSC: Inscriptions En-Ligne Pour 2014

*****NEWS ALERT******


***********STAY TUNED FOR FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS****************



Un nouveau système d’adhésion en ligne sera en vigeur pour l’année 2014. Ce sera beaucoup plus facile pour les renouveler les inscriptions et faire de nouvelles inscriptions et de reçoir la confirmaton d’adhésion.

*********** Restez à l’écoute pour de nouveaux développements ****************

Aussi, ceux qui s’adhèfrent avec RSC après le 1ier octobre 2013 seront considérés comme comme étant adhéré pour 2014, avec l’adhésion étant valide jusqu’au 31 décembre 2014.

FIRS Roller Games 2017


FIRS intents to organize the World Championships Roller Games starting in 2017. This multi-discipline event will bring speed, artistic and hockey together for one great celebration and competition for roller sports!



La FIRS vont organizer l’évènement  des Championnats du Monde Roller Game à partir de 2017. Cet évènement va rassembler les disciplines de vitesse, artistique et hockey pour une grade compétition mondiale, en tant de célébration des sports en roller!


To Any RSC Athlete Who May Become Selected for Out of Competition Selection

Roller speed skating’s governing body, FIRS, has released the following statement to all National Federations:

Unfortunately FIRS has noted that the antidoping tests scheduled for some athletes have been unsuccessful because of a wrong place of residence provided in the athletes’ whereabouts. This irregularity will result in a whereabouts failure being recorded against the athlete. Three whereabouts failures in an 18 month period will result in a disqualification of between 1 and 2 years for the athlete.


La Fédération Internationale de Roller Skating a envoyé la déclaration suivante à toutes les Fédérations Nationales:

Malheureusement, la FIRS a noté que les tests antidopage prévus pour certains athlètes ont échoué à cause l’endroit de résidence/ séjour prévu indiqué pour ces athlètes n’était pas précis ou correct. Cette irrégularité causera un échec contre l’athlète. Trois échecs de localisation dans une période de 18 mois se traduira par une disqualification entre 1 et 2 ans pour l’athlète.