Roller skating craze briefly struck Moncton in the 1880s

For three short years in the 1880s, Moncton was home to one of the finest roller skating rinks in New England and eastern Canada.

The Victoria Block, circa.1921, at the corner of Robinson and Main Streets, of which the Victoria Roller Rink was once a part.
Built at the corner of Robinson and Main Streets on land purchased from W.J. Robinson, the Victoria Roller Rink held its grand opening on October 14, 1884.

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The Victoria Block, circa.1921, at the corner of Robinson and Main Streets, of which the Victoria Roller Rink was once a part.‘- photo from here

Montreal’s ‘Le Taz’ is a home for inline & roller skating

Since March 2009, Montreal’s indoor facility, Le Taz, has catered to wheeled sports including street skating, speed skating, skateboarding, and BMX riding.

Le Taz was featuring on France’s RollerEnLigne: SPOT : LE TAZ DE MONTREAL (CANADA)

Student skates across Canada to raise awareness

A month and a half ago, 21-year-old Daniel Cloutier strapped on his inline skates in Vancouver, B.C., and began heading east.

Later today, he’ll roll into Greater Sudbury today, three years to the date of his uncle’s death following a four-year battle with cancer. His girlfriend, Chantal Courcelles, estimate they will arrive in the city between 2 and 3 p.m.

Greater Sudbury is a stop on the way to Halifax, N.S., where Cloutier will end his trek at the end of July.

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World Freestyle Skating Championships set for Jeonju, Korea, September 7th to 10th

The World Freestyle Skating Championships will take place in Jeonju, Korea from September 7th to the 10th.

Prior to the Wold Championship, the 2010 Haining International Skating Festival will take place in Haining China from August 20th to the 29th.

  • Haining International Skating Festival (track & marathon, banquet, street skating, freestyle) [Document]
  • World Freestyle Skating Championships [Document]

Daniel Cloutier skating across Canada to support Canadian Cancer Society

Daniel Cloutier, as 21 year old university student from Winnipeg, started a journey on May 1st to skate across Canada to help raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society (since mesothelioma explained officially, as well as some other types of cancer).

There seems to be a large stretch of no internet in Ontario. Here is a twitter update sent from Chantal’s phone: “Stopped in Wawa for 2 interviews and lunch! Now back on the road!”

He is now 40 days into his cross-country tour, skating in Northern Ontario.

You can follow his blog here: Don’t Stop Believing: Daniel Cloutier’s rollerblade trek across Canada for Cancer

Today was another great day for two big reasons. I’ll start with the good and then move on to the great news. The good news is that we’re back in Winnipeg! WOOOO! You should of heard the scream of joy I let out when I had asked Eric and Chantal, “are we officialy in Winnipeg?” and they replied with a “yes”. It was the greatest feeling up to now throughout this whole journey across western Canada. I have to say that it went by so quick, it’s unbelievable. It’s really crazy to think that 4 weeks ago we were getting ready in Stanley Park in Vancouver. Some people say that Winnipeg is not the halfway point of this trek but it sure feels like it is.