Roller Sports Canada Abiding By New Federal Government Legislation Regarding Not-For-Profit Organizations

Roller Sports Canada is abiding by new Federal Government legislation regarding all non-for-profit organizations. Each of our registered clubs is being invited to participate in a teleconference in early January to vote on these changes. The process for these changes is as follows:

1. Hold Special General Meeting and have members agree to accept Bylaws – Step 1
2. Send Step 1 – Bylaws to Industry Canada for Approval
3. After receipt of approval from Industry Canada – Call 2nd Special General Meeting
4. At 2nd Special General Meeting pass a motion to accept the Step 2 Bylaws and to file the articles of continuance
5. File Step 2 – Bylaws and Articles of Continuance with Industry Canada.
6. Done. Implementation of the “new” bylaws.

2014 Pan American Championships- Entry Applications, Championnats Pan Américains 2014- Inscriptions

RSC Speed Communication- December 1st 2013
2014 Pan American Championships- Entry Applications
Roller Sports Canada’s Speed Committee is now accepting applications for entry to the 2014 Pan American Championships. This is a closed competition, meaning participating National Federations will select the athletes to represent them. The Pan American Championship will take place January 23-27 2014 in Florida. Nations will use this competition to qualify for spots the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games.
Communication de RSC Vitesse- 1ier décembre 2013
Championnats Pan Américains 2014- Inscriptions
Les applications pour être inscrit aux Championnats Pan Américains 2014 seront maintenant accepté par le Comité Vitesse de RSC. Les inscriptions pour la compétition sont réservés aux Fédérations Nationales. Les Championnats Pan Américains auront lieur du 23 au 27 janvier 2014 en Floride. Les Nations doivent se servir de cet évènement pour se classer aux Jeux Pan Américains Toronto 2015.
Pour plus d’informations et pour soumettre votre application et inscription, svp visitez ce lien: