Leo Frusteri finishes top-10 at World Masters Marathon Champs, Morgan Williams Falls

Toronto’s Leo Frusteri carved out a top-10 finish in a mad dash for the line and for a World Champion’s colored jersey at World Masters Marathon Championships in Italy. The marathon was held on a technical course in rainy conditions.

Leo Frusteri & Morgan Williams (in black & red)- photo from here

Frusteri, who was complaining before the race that his legs didn’t feel as good as he’d like, completed the marathon in a time of 1-hour 17-minutes 16-seconds, a mere 2-seconds behind the race winner Patrizio Giulioni from Italy. Frusteri ended up in 7th place.

Along with Frusteri was Canadian teammate Morgan Williams. He finished in 19th place with a time of 1-hour 18-minutes 4-seconds. Morgan Williams was skating very well during the race, looking poised for a great result. Unfortunately, he ended up crashing in the race after getting tangled up with a skater from Austria while skating though one of the corners of the tricky course.