Canadian Master score NROC points at Eastern Seaboard Series race

Canadian Master & Veteran skaters Herb Gayle & Constant Montpellier posted excellent results at this past weekend’s Eastern Seaboard Series #4 in Trexlertown, PA. The competition was also part of the NROC, a series of North American races. Both skaters competed in the Pro Master/ Veteran’s race, with Gayle finished 2nd and Montpellier finishing 4th overall in the race.

Peter Doucet (in 3rd) skated an aggressive race and was involved in breaks and attacks. He ended up in 8th place- photo by Herb Gayle

In the Pro Junior/ Senior Men & Women’s races, Morgane Echardour finished one spot shy of the podium in 4th place while Peter Doucet finished in 8th place. Echardour redeemed herself in the 1000-meter time-trial, finishing 1st amongst female skaters while Doucet claimed 2nd overall in the time-trial.

Herb Gayle (2nd place) challenged Jeff Foster in the 10+ skater final sprint in the Pro Master/ Veteran Men’s race, coming a few meter shy of the victory- photo by Peter Doucet