Paisley Perries Races In Gross Gerau, Germany

Paisley Perrie, who skates out of the CITC in Harriston, competed at this past weekend’s Gross Gerau event in Germany. She finished 17th overall out of 60 competitiors in her age class. Her father Alex Perrie was a referee at the event, putting in two 12-hour blocks. [Gross Gerau results]

Girls racing in Gross Gerau (Germany)- photo from rik3130

Get Inline- August 17th– an inline skating fundraising event in support of Surrey Place– will be taking place at Woodbine Park in Toronto on August 17th. Surrey Placehelps children and adults living with developmental disabilities reach their full potential. We offer a comprehensive range of programs and services, from assessment, diagnosis and one-on-one treatment, to family counselling and group support. And it’s all provided by a broad network of clinicians and professionals‘.

Arndt In Europe & First Outdoor Race Of 2008

Brampton’s Aaron Arndt has crossed the ocean for the 2008 season and is competing throughout Europe. Arndt is competing in the World Inline Cup, Swiss Inline Cup, German Inline Cup, and other very competitive races.

This past weekend, his team- Subaru X-Tech– placed 3rd in the 10km team time-trial in Wilhelmshaven with a time of 12 minutes 19 seconds. The following day, Aaron Arndt placed 12th overall in the 42km marathon. The race included some steep climbs and intense head-winds. [marathon results]

Aaron Arndt- 2nd from the right- coming in with the bunch sprint at the Wilhelmshaven Skate Days

Meanwhile back here in Canada, skaters from Quebec and Ontario took place in this season’s first outdoor race- the Minto Run For Reach. [results] You can find pictures, videos, and reports here.

Start of the Minto Run For Reach- photo from Peter Doucet

WADA Prohibited List Update

The WADA Prohibited List contains a list of prohibited substances. The distinction between substances and products is essential. Products often contain many/various and complex mixture of
substances, and this is the case for pharmaceutical products or dietary supplements (especially when derived from natural products).

Natural colostrum contains several substances, including IGF-1 which is listed as a prohibited substance (section S2 of the Prohibited List). The nature of colostrum (naturally produced in the early phase of lactation) cannot naturally classify colostrum as a food product but more as a dietary supplement type product. Athletes cannot be accidentally exposed to colostrum as part of normal food consumption.

Taking into account the above elements and the fact that there is still scientific uncertainty on the ability for IGF-1 contained in colostrum to influence plasma levels of IGF-1, the WADA List Committee adopted a
safe approach and recommends athletes not to take colostrum. Again colostrum cannot be part of a normal diet and has to be compared to a dietary supplement, with similar risks associated.