WADA Prohibited List Update

The WADA Prohibited List contains a list of prohibited substances. The distinction between substances and products is essential. Products often contain many/various and complex mixture of
substances, and this is the case for pharmaceutical products or dietary supplements (especially when derived from natural products).

Natural colostrum contains several substances, including IGF-1 which is listed as a prohibited substance (section S2 of the Prohibited List). The nature of colostrum (naturally produced in the early phase of lactation) cannot naturally classify colostrum as a food product but more as a dietary supplement type product. Athletes cannot be accidentally exposed to colostrum as part of normal food consumption.

Taking into account the above elements and the fact that there is still scientific uncertainty on the ability for IGF-1 contained in colostrum to influence plasma levels of IGF-1, the WADA List Committee adopted a
safe approach and recommends athletes not to take colostrum. Again colostrum cannot be part of a normal diet and has to be compared to a dietary supplement, with similar risks associated.