Live Blog: Canada Day Marathon, 2012

Teenagers aren’t supposed to have an advantage over adults in long distance events. But you wouldn’t know it from the results of this year’s skate marathons in Canada.

For the second time in a month, a 15-year-old boy, Christopher Fiola, has finished first in the men’s division.

And right behind him today was 14-year-old Marc-Olivier Lemay.

But don’t feel too bad, men. It wasn’t all kids today. Finishing third, right behind Lemay, was 50-year-old Constant Montpellier.

Photo by Jay Brown

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Martine Charbonneau is feeling fine now. In fact, she says she’s ready to skate another marathon … right now.

But before today’s race, she wasn’t so sure of herself. “I was stressed,” says the 34-year-old graphic designer from Montreal. “I didn’t know if I was feeling right or if I was in good shape.”

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