US Speedskater Allison Baver & Rollerblade Team Up For Workout

USA’s short track speed skating Olympic medalist Allison Baver and manufacturer Rollerblade teamed up to create  a Leg and Glute Buster Workout.

Prior to lacing up the steel blades that brought her incredible success, Baver was a roller speed skater. She is among a growing list of athletes who have experienced international and Olympic success on ice after launching and supporting her career with the help of inline & roller speed skating.

Rencontre avec Olivier Jean, champion olympique de short-track

Cliquez ici pour visionner une entrevue avec Olivier Jean, Champion Olympique 2010 en short track, de Montreal.

Olivier discute de la connection avec le patinage vitesse a roue alignées et le patinage short track sur glace.

A l’occasion de la Coupe du Monde de roller de vitesse à Dijon, nous avons fait la connaissance d’Olivier Jean (Canada), champion olympique de short-track. Il nous explique ce que le roller apporte à son entraînement sur glace.

Local Roller Skaters qualify for the USA Roller Sports National Championship

Four young Calgarians to compete against the best in North America.

Calgary, Alberta (July 21, 2011) – Four local roller skaters will be among more than 2,000 competitors at the USA Roller Sports National Championship in Fort Wayne, Indiana this weekend. Rahul Duggi, Kaylee Smith, Natasha Bogucki and Marie Queenan from the Calgary Artistic Roller Sports Club qualified for the largest roller skating competition in North America at the US Northwest Regional competition in Portland, Oregon in June.

“There are only a handful of Canadians competing at these championships so it is a significant achievement to have four skaters entered,” says Kim Argento, coach at the Calgary Artistic Roller Sports Club. “They have practiced on average of 12 hours a week in preparation for this high level competition and we are excited to see how they compare to the best skaters in North America.”

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Good Turnout For Marathon Roller of Montreal, Olivier Jean, Martine Charbonneau Strike Gold

The Marathon Roller of Montreal was held on Saturday at the PMG Technologies track in Blainville.

The venue was perfect for skaters to showcase their speed and fitness in beautiful sunny conditions. Skaters from across Canada and the U.S.A. made their way to the start line. With serious racers as well as skaters ready to set personal best time and enjoy skating, the event organizers put together a good event.

Rising among strong competition, Quebec provided the winners in the marathon- 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist Olivier Jean and Pan American Games skater Martine Charbonneau.

Interview with Peter Doucet on RollerEnLigne

The Toronto Inline Skating Club fielded 20 skaters in these Canadian Championships. Medals were awarded in each division for 1st place Overall and top- 3 in Sprint and Distance. TISC skaters earned 32 medals!

I’m incredibly proud of what TISC skaters accomplished at these Canadian Championships. I was impressed with our club’s solidarity, sportsmanship, work ethic, and performance.

At TISC, the last few years have been one of concentrating on good programming by providint well-planned practices, refocusing our club on recruiting younger skaters and helping them develop, facilitating healthy sustainable growth, and encouraging a philosophy of health through participation and love & freedom of the skating movement.

TISC has two official practices each week. For those practices, we use a 400-meter track that is big enough to run both our coached programs. One of the programs is run by Jesse Pauley. His program focuses on games and developing technique for youth. I run the program that caters to skaters who’s goals range from those who want to increase fitness to those who want to take their skating and racing to the next level.

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Roller Sports Considered For 2010 Olympic Games Inclusion

Rogge, who has had a colourful sporting career having also been a boxing referee, also announced that after considering 12 applications from sports to win one spot at the 2020 Summer Games, the Executive Board had drawn up a list of eight.

The eight – baseball, softball, climbing sports, karate, rollersports, squash, wushu and wakeboard – will compete against one of the 26 core sports for the right for inclusion.