Interview with Peter Doucet on RollerEnLigne

The Toronto Inline Skating Club fielded 20 skaters in these Canadian Championships. Medals were awarded in each division for 1st place Overall and top- 3 in Sprint and Distance. TISC skaters earned 32 medals!

I’m incredibly proud of what TISC skaters accomplished at these Canadian Championships. I was impressed with our club’s solidarity, sportsmanship, work ethic, and performance.

At TISC, the last few years have been one of concentrating on good programming by providint well-planned practices, refocusing our club on recruiting younger skaters and helping them develop, facilitating healthy sustainable growth, and encouraging a philosophy of health through participation and love & freedom of the skating movement.

TISC has two official practices each week. For those practices, we use a 400-meter track that is big enough to run both our coached programs. One of the programs is run by Jesse Pauley. His program focuses on games and developing technique for youth. I run the program that caters to skaters who’s goals range from those who want to increase fitness to those who want to take their skating and racing to the next level.

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Live Video Stream of 2011 USA Championships- Artistic & Speed

USARS’ 2011 Nationals are taking place in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The competition, which is said to attract 8000 athletes, coaches, and supporters, will feature both artistic and speed competitions.

You’ll be able to enjoy an online live streaming starting July 17 at The Skaters Place.