New Dates for Ottawa Inline Skating Festival & Montreal 24 Hours

The 2011 Canadian events calendar is starting to take shape. Two of Canada’s biggest events, the Montreal 24 Hour Inline and the Ottawa Inline Skating Festival will be held on different weekends than in the past.

Hungry for Races?

In this day and age of disappearing skate races, I think it’s time to pass along some good news that will hopefully inspire at least one of you to help your fellow inliners. This story begins with Peggy Girgenti of Luigino Racing.

A couple of years ago, Peggy got in touch with a friend who was involved with a mini-triathlon in Hemet, California, called the Tinsel Town Tri. Peggy arranged meetings with the race promoter and convinced him to let inline be a part of the event, albeit on a trial basis. They agreed that the skaters would only use a portion of the actual event’s race course, but at that point, Peggy agreed. She had her foot in the door! “My approach with them was ‘you won’t have to do a thing, you will hardly notice us, we will stay out of your hair.’ We didn’t ask for one thing, and I intend to keep it that way. We start, skate, do our own finish line, results, and awards, and hand them a check. It’s a win-win for them and us. I made sure everyone understood ahead of time that we are just guests at THEIR event, and to expect nothing,” Peggy said.

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Skating oval support heats up in Halifax

Support is growing to make the new Canada Games skating oval a permanent facility in Halifax.

“Now what we can do in the summertime is maybe create a new sport, a new activity on the Commons,” said Joachim Stroink. “Maybe it is [inline skating], maybe it is a track, you know, a rubber track around it for people to do their sprints and running.”

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Roller Sports Canada Nomination Procedure- Selection Criteria for 2011 Pan American Games

Details for representing Canada at the 2011 Pan American Games in Mexico are now available. The ‘Intent to Compete form’ for speed will be online at a later time.,

RSC Disciplines

These procedures cover team selection for both Roller Figure Skating (Artistic) and InlineSpeed Skating teams for the 2011 Pan American Games. The Roller Figure Skating Team willconsist of 1 athlete and 1 coach, and will be funded by the COC. The Speed Skating Team willnot be funded by the Canadian Olympic Committee – this is a self-funded event for speedathletes and coaches, although limited partial funding may be available through the individualProvincial Federations.

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