Colombia’s Secret

Less than 20 years ago, Colombia was mainly known as the country the bad guys in “Miami Vice” came from. Only fifteen years ago, skating-wise they were virtually nonexistent. So I was wondering how come they’re today the strongest skating nation in the world… Well, I’ve got a simple and logic answer: The people implicated in skating over there, at all levels, has just done what must be done, in the right and proper way. From the officials that at the very least did what was expected from them, to the coaches that dearly wanted to improve themselves every day, to the patient and caring parents.

And their athletes? Champions are not made overnight. It takes a lot more than a magic touch to hear the national anthem and see the Colombian flag on the podium so often during the last few editions of World Championships. But it certainly has to do with good alchemy, combining the right measure of passion, talent, organization, sponsorship, mentality, discipline and work… a lot of work, no doubt.

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