Il Peloton’s January Newsletter: The Best Wheels For The Montreal’s TAZ

Montreal’s 200-meter indoor skating facility, le Taz, offers skaters a change to train during the winter without freezing their feet.

Since the opening of the  Taz in March 2009, skaters have been trying to see which wheels are the best to skate on. Skaters need grip so they don’t slide as they push and also keep control in the turns. They also require a wheel that rolls well, so they keep skaters’ legs fresh.

Il Peloton has taken almost a whole year to determine the best wheel for the Taz indoor skating track in Montreal. Why has it taken so long?

Well, because there are so many wheels to try. There are 4 major wheel brands, all of which make at least 6 different types of wheels. Do the math, and that’s a lot of wheels to try. We tested over 20 different makes and models of wheels at high speeds on the Taz surface. Plus, conditions vary from day to day, depending on how clean the track is and the level of humidity inside the facility. So it was extremely difficult to get consistent conditions.

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