Invitation To 2010 Namwon Korea Open

Dear all of the teams, clubs and individual skater from all over the world,

Korea Roller Sports Federation with the joint auspices of Namwon city is pleased to host and hereby cordially invites you to 2010 Namwon Korea Open in Namwon, Korea from May 11th to May 17th , 2010.

This fascinating event is the third time after 2008. In order to greet you more and promote roller sports we add the new variation on 2010 Namwon Korea Open. We expand this year’s event by means of adding road category and freestyle skating so as to join the event more than last years from many countries. That is to give you an opportunity to participate in the competitions of road races and freestyle(slalom) skating as well as track. You can also find some alterations as to race programs and rules. Such an attempt will make this annual event energetic and vigorous. Total prize money over USD60,000 (70,000,000 Korean won) for track, road and freestyle is arranged to encourage participants in doing their best.

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