Results, Pictures, Video- Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club Invitational #1

Click here for results and pictures from this past Sunday’s Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club Invitational #1 held in Mississauga.

The next Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club Invitational competition will take place on February 22nd.

Morgane Echardour (front) and Shannon Hegarty lead the 2nd group 1000-meter race. The pair is followed by Jacky Shu- photo Peter Doucet/

Below is a video from the competition- Scooters Invitational (Vimeo version)-

Ottawa Inline Skating Festival- September 6th

The 5th annual Ottawa Inline Skating Festival will take place on September 6th.

The 2009 Ottawa Inline Skating Festival will be held on September 6th. The Ottawa Inline Skating Club ( is hosting this event on a flat riverside course with excellent quality pavement. The Festival incorporates several events, and is enjoyed by skaters of all ability levels. Always fun and exciting, end your skating season on a high note, in Ottawa, Canada!


Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club Invitationals- January 25th & February 22nd

The Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club will be holding two Club Invitationals. The first will be on Sunday January 25th and the seconds on Sunday February 22nd. Click here for more information.

For both events, doors open at 8am and registration is from 8:30am to 9am. General warm-up will be from 9am to 9:10am followed by races until 12 noon.

[Information form] [Entry form] [Waiver]

Paris International Open 2009 Of Inline Figure Skating and Dance

Here is the latest information concerning the Paris International Open 2009 Of Inline Figure Skating and Dance organized by the association Glace And Roller Inline de Paris (Paris Ice And Inline Roller).

This competition will take place in Paris, France on the 31st of January and the 1st February 2009.

You will find details on the web site or by clicking here


Sk8Strong’s Four Different Strength & Conditioning DVDs For Figure Skaters

Lauren Downes’ (physical therapist, figure skating coach) company Sk8Strong Inc. has created four different strength and conditioning DVDs for figure skaters of all levels. Initially designed for figure skaters, these sport specific programs can have the same benefit for artistic roller skaters of any level (as the demands of the sports are the same). The training programs are beneficial to all levels of artistic roller skaters, and you can find out more information at