Roller Derby

Welcome to the Roller Sports Canada’s official Roller Derby site!

Insurance registration is now Online!  You can register and pay for your insurance through RSC with a completely online process.  Your league insurance administrator will have your number within a week of processing.  If you have registered independently please contact Jim Bourne (VP Roller Derby) to get directed to how you can get your RSC Number.

You may lookup your insurance number at My RSC Number page.

RSC is sponsoring various events around Canada in 2016.  These events include Quad City Chaos, Flat Track Fever, and the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup.  If you’re holding an event that you think we should sponsor, let us know by emailing Jim Bourne (Dev Null).

From December 10th to January 10th a survey was conducted which asked questions about the involvement of a national body in Roller Derby.  You can read the results here!

The basics of Flat Track Roller Derby from the WFTDA on YouTube