Roller Speed Skating conquers the Olympics: the first medals at the YOG Buenos Aires 2018


It is official: roller speed skating, after being a demonstration sport at the Youth Olympic Games of Nanjing in 2014, joins the Buenos Aires 2018 Games program with medal assignment.

Only few days after the confirmation of Aracu as FIRS President in a congress described as “historical”, because of the FIRS finally in the Olympics, the International Federation has to add another “historical” achievement to the commitments for the next four years: The IOC decided to include roller speed skating in the Sports Programme of the Buenos Aires 2018 YOG.

24 athletes, 12 men and 12 women will qualify from the ranking of the World Roller Speed Skating Championships 2018 and will compete for the title of Youth Olympic Champion in the Combined of 500mt, 1.000mt and 5.000mt Elimination races, both Women and Men, on the track.


Photos de la Coupe VRL 2017

La compétition intérieur de VRL a eu lieu en fin février. Plusieurs patineurs ont coursé au Taz, une patinoire intérieur à Laval. Vous pouvez voir les belles photos de Kathleen Legrand-Ramjan ici: Coupe VRL 2017. Vous pouvez aussi voir les photos de cet album de VRL: Coupe VRL 2017. Vous pourrez trouver plusieurs autres photos et vidéos de la compétition sur la page Facebook du club VRL.


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