Roller Derby Message from VP Jim Bourne

I’ve recently accepted the position of V.P. Roller Derby with Roller Sports Canada. For those who are unaware, Roller Sports Canada is a Federally Incorporated Not For Profit which has been created to promote and further roller sports in Canada. They have been a member of the Canadian Olympic Association since 1979 and are currently a member of the Canadian Olympic Committee and are sending both Roller Figure and Roller Speed skaters to the Pan Am Games in Toronto in 2015.

I see this as an incredible opportunity to provide support for the Roller Derby Community in Canada from a national level.

A simple Google search turns up “Sport Canada contributions and recipients” which lists the following for 2013:
Broomball – $235,527
Cricket – $178,000
Ringette – $499,000
Among many other sports to a grand total of almost $211 Million in grants to amateur sports.

Unfortunately Roller Derby does not currently qualify for federal or provincial grants or funding (for the most part) due to not being organized at both a federal and provincial level. I see this as a major current road block not only for the development of our local teams but also for our provincial and national teams to making this a major sport in Canada. Imagine if our national and provincial teams could travel to events without having to worry about those travel costs (both nationally and internationally).

My hope is through Roller Sports Canada we can start down the road to organizing at a Provincial and a National level through which we can obtain funding for all from the National level through to the local leagues. And no, this is not an organization to replace WFTDA or MRDA. On the contrary I believe that organizationally having Federally recognized National and Provincial organizational bodies is one of the most important things that we can do in Canada right now and will only help push Canadian Roller Derby further and farther in those orgnizations.

To that end I’ve produced a questionnaire for anyone interested in Roller Derby in Canada to fill in. I would like to accept responses from now until January 10th and after that time I will collect the information and make it all public through the RSC website and here on Facebook.

The questionaire is at and I would be very thankful if you could all respond and share this post to our other Canadian Roller Derby skaters, fans, coaches, officials, and other support staff. It is private and I do not collect any personal information.

So please, fill this in and share it with your leagues and fans.

I’m excited for big things to happen!

Thanks Jim Bourne (Dev Null)

2015 Roller Figure- Pan Am Trials Sunday May 31st , 2015

Roller Sports Canada is holding an event to select 1 female skater to represent Canada at the 2015 Pan American Games. The Games will take place July 12-13 2015 in Toronto.

The selection competition is planned for the weekend of May 31st, 2015. RSC is working to host the competition at Lloyd’s Recreation located in Calgary, AB.

The 1st place female athlete will be eligible to represent Canada at the Pan Am games.

Only eligible athletes will be allowed to compete in the selection competition. To be eligible, participants must be registered with RSC, hold a valid Canadian passport valid until January 26 2016, and complete the registration process when registration is open before the set deadline. As well, athletes will need to adhere to requirements set out by the Canadian Olympic Committee and further requirements set out by Roller Sports Canada as outlined in upcoming communications.

Additional communications with details and/ or outlining changes regarding the selection competition will be published on RSC’s website.

RSC Speed- December 2014 Newsletter, RSC Vitesse- Nouvelles Decembre 2014


Happy Holidays on behalf of Roller Sports Canada’s Speed Committee! As 2014 winds down, Clubs and groups in Calgary, Mississauga & Toronto, and Montreal have started running indoor skating programs in preparation for the 2015 season. Roller Sports Canada’s Speed Committee continues to meet every 3-4 weeks to plan and support roller and inline speed skating in Canada. The Speed Committee is always looking for volunteers to help with initiatives. If you’d like to contribute and help out, please get in touch.


The Canadian racing calendar for the upcoming outdoor season will soon start to fill up. Racers have started to map-out their 2015 competitive seasons. Planning for the 2015 Canadian Outdoor Championships is under way. The RSC Speed Committee is looking at holding the event in the Province of Quebec in early August 2015. The selection event for the 2015 Pan Am Games is planned for the Greater Toronto area on May 30-31 2015 with June 1 as the rain day. Dates for the Blainville Marathon, held just outside of Montreal, have been confirmed for June 2015.

Details on these and other events will be posted with the Canadian race calendar here:

Clubs registered with RSC are encouraged to let us know about their events, so that RSC can be involved with the promotion and success of these events.


After receiving and considering feedback from the 2014 Canadian Championships, the Speed Committee is undertaking a review and revision of the Rules for RSC Speed. This elaborate and deep process will easily involve 50 hours of discussions, work, and meetings for those involved.

One of the goals of the update is to limit and minimize references to other rulebooks such as the CIC’s and older verions of RSC rules. We are hopeful to have a final proposal presented to the Speed Committee for approval by mid to late-January 2015.


Roller Sports Canada’s Board of Directors has approved a budget amount for the Speed Committee to manage on its behalf. The Speed Committee has been meeting on a regular basis and is currently in the process of drafting a plan for this budget, ensuring the budget supports goals for RSC Speed.


Individuals (registrants) and Clubs (members) can now register for the 2015 season.

For individuals, RSC Registration is required to take part in the Canadian Championships and in the Pan American Games selection event. RSC Registration allows individuals access and to have voting rights at the RSC Speed Committee’s Annual Meeting.

RSC membership allows Clubs to apply for event sanctions, providing insurance, and also allows for Clubs (members) to vote at Roller Sports Canada’s Annual General Meeting (RSC Board).

Register here:

Stay in touch with RSC Speed-
On Twitter- @RSCVitesseSpeed
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Le Comité Vitesse de Roller Sports Canada vous souhaite un joyeux temps des fêtes! Avec l’année 2014 qui se tire à sa fin, les clubs et les groupes à Calgary, Mississauga et Toronto, et Montréal continuent avec du patinage intérieur en préparation pour la saison 2015. Le Comité Vitesse de Roller Sports Canada continue avec des réunions a chaque 3-4 semaines pour planifier et aider avec le dévelopment du roller vitesse au Canada. Le comité vitesse recherche des volontaires pour aider avec le dévelopment du sport. Laissez nous savoir si vous voulez devenir impliqué.


Le calendrier de courses du Canada pour la prochaine saison commence à se remplir. Le courseurs ont commencé à planifier leurs saisons de compétition pour 2015. La planification pour les championnats canadiens 2015 est en cours. L’événement est planifié pour la province de Québec au début août 2015. L’événement de sélection pour les Jeux Panaméricains de 2015 est prévu pour la région de Toronto le 30 et 31 mai 2015, avec le 1ier juin comme jour de pluie. La date pour le Marathon de Blainville, qui aura lieu juste à l’extérieur de Montréal, a été confirmé pour juin 2015.

Les détails pour ces évènements et autres événements seront affichés avec le calendrier de courses canadiennes ici:

Les clubs enregistrés avec RSC sont encouragés à nous faire part de leurs événements, pour que RSC puisse être impliqué dans la promotion et pour aider avec le succès de ces événements .


Après avoir reçu et considéré des commentaires après les championnats canadiens 2014 à Toronto, le Comité Vitesse entreprend un examen et une révision des Règles de Vitesse. Ce processus complexe pourra facilement impliquer 50 heures de discussions, de travail, et de rencontres pour les personnes concernées.

L’un des objectifs de la mise à jour est de limiter et de réduire les références aux autres livres de règles comme le CIC. Nous espérons avoir une proposition présenté au comité vitesse pour par la fin janvier 2015.


Le Conseil d’Administration de Roller Sports Canada a approuvé un montant du budget pour le que le Comité Vitesse gérer en son nom. Le Comité se rencontre régulièrement et est actuellement en processus de faire un plan pour ce budget, s’assurant que le budget soutien les objectifs de Vitesse pour RSC.


Les individus (inscrits) et les clubs (membres) peuvent maintenant s’inscrire pour la saison 2015.

Pour les individus, l’inscription avec RSC est nécessaire pour participer aux championnats canadiens et pour participer dans l’événement de sélection pour les Jeux Panaméricains. L’inscription avec RSC permet aux individus d’avoir accès et de droits de vote à l’assemblée annuelle du Comité Vitesse de RSC.

Un Club qui devient Membre avec RSC peut appliquer pour avoir une sanction (permission) d’événement, ce qui fournit l’assurance, et permet également aux Clubs (membres) de voter lors de l’assemblée générale annuelle de Roller Sports Canada (pour le conseil administratif de RSC) .

Inscrivez-vous ici:

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