Renault International Roller Cup

THe Renault International Roller Cup will take place in Modena, Italy on December 8th 2010

This is one of the best competitions in the world of roller skating. The most beautiful because of the chance to see in just two hours the best 12 skaters in the world this year. The most beautiful because all the skaters are participating in 4 teams, composed of a single female, one male and one pair, thus transforming the discipline in a team sport. The most beautiful because all the skaters skate on live music played by an orchestra of 20 elements and have a brand new choreography. The most beautiful show is taken up in native HD and visible in many televisions in the world, thus consecrating the roller-skating as the other disciplines. The most beautiful because people come from all over the world and the site is about and has 10 languages worldwide. The most beautiful because you will finally see the figure skating wheels as you have always dreamed of.