New Brunswick’s Nadine Jackson Trains With USA’s Eddy Matzger At SkateFarm

New Brunswick’s Nadine Jackson took the dive into roller speed skating this past February.

Along her young journey, she made stops in Duluth, MN, and New York City after training with USA’s legendary Eddy Matzger.

Jackson spent time trianing with Matzger at his SkateFarm located in Virginia.

She wrote about her experiences here; Huge Smiles and Thanks to Eddy and the Skatefarm.

On February 20th, 2009 I put my first pair of inline speed skates on. I live in the eastern part of Canada where the snow banks are as high as the telephone poles.

In June I was rolling down the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, home of the Skatefarm. I decided that since I was very new to this sport that I should get a few lessons. This was an understatement. What I received was bigger than a few lessons. Eddy has this innate ability to explain the technical aspect of skating. But what really stood out is Eddy’s enthusiasm and love of this sport. This is what made me a better skater. I went home with a totally new perspective on skating. I was more confident with my abilities and I was more confident with my in-abilities.

Nadine Jackson was part of the re-do crew at the 2009 Northshore Inline Marathon. Along with 5 other skaters including Eddy Matzger & 3 other Canadian skaters, she skated the NSIM 42km twice for a total of 84km’s- once to race and a second time to cheer on the skaters still on the course!!