Ottawa Inline Skating Festival- Strong Turn Out, Sergio Almeralla & Morgane Echardour Win

The Ottawa Inline Skating Festival, part of the National Roller Cup (NROC), attracted hundreds of skaters from across Canada and from the USA.

Morgane Echardour and Sergio Almeralla were the big winners in Ottawa today. Echardour won all three of the women’s events — 10K, 42K and 21K — while Almeralla won two: the 42K and 21K.

In each race, Echardour positioned herself in the lead men’s pack and rode the draft to big victories.On the other hand, Almeralla used hard breakaways and strong sprints to overcome James Springer’s early lead in the Triple Crown standings.

Sergio Almeralla & Morgane Echardour were the top finishers. Echardour collected wins in the 10km, 21km, and 42km races while Sergio topped the competition in the 42km & 21km races. USA’s James Springer was the winner in the 10km race.

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