Canadian Skaters Participate And Finish On The Podium At Chicagoland Marathon NROC & Pro Inline Tour

A strong group of Canadian skaters traveled to Chicago this past weekend to compete in the Chicagoland Marathon (NROC) & Pro Inline Tour. Skaters from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Cambridge, and Vancouver supported the event.

The Chicagoland Marathon was part of the NROC race series. The NROC is a series of North American marathons. The Montreal Roller Marathon held earlier this year in May was part of the series, and this September’s Ottawa Inline Skating Festival is also part of the series. Toronto’s Candy Wong currently leads the women’s standings with Mississauga’s Morgane Echardour tied with USA’s Breanna Kramer.

A number of the skaters earned their way up on the steps of the podium with excellent finishes in the 340-meter group sprint, the 3.2km time trial, the 10km points race, and the marathon. Peter Doucet, Morgane Echardour,Herb Gayle, Sarah Hopkins Morgan Williams were amongst the Canadian podium finishers in the Pro categories.

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Pro Women’s marathon podium, including Sarah Hopkins (4th place- left) and Morgane Echardour (3rd place, 2nd from right)- photo by Peter Doucet,

Pro Master Men’s marathon podium, including Morgan Williams (2nd from right) and Herb Gayle (right)- photo by Peter Doucet,

Pro Women staring the marathon- photo by Peter Doucet,

Women’s Pro Inline Tour race- Morgane Echardour & Sarah Hopkins tucked in the draft in 8th and 9th position- Hopkins won the race while Echardour came 4th- photo by Peter Doucet,

Skaters from Toronto, Mississauga, Waterloo, and Cambrdige- left to right are Peter Doucet, Morgane Echardour, Brock Howes, Sarah Hopkins, Jesse Pauley, Candy Wong, Morgan Williams, Jade Pauley- photo from

Mississauga’s Peter Doucet (center) with World Champions Jorge Boter0 (Colombia- front) and USA’s Harry Vogel- Doucet finished 3rd in the marathon- photo by Thong Nguyen

Pro Women’s lead pack racing for points at the end of the 2nd of 3 laps during the marathhon- photo by DuffManOhYea