Roller Sports Has Greater Chances Of Olympic Inclusion After World Games

Roller speed skating was smash hit at this year’s World Games held in Taipei.

With plently of media covering the exciting races, there is now a great buzz within the roller speed skating community for the sports’ potential inclusion in the 2016 Olympic programme.

Bill Begg, one of roller speed skating’s most passionate advoates, has been sharing his joy and motivating all the associations, clubs, groups, and individuals to lobby and keep strengthening roller speed skating’s presence in the final stretch leading to the desicion later this year.

Some very good & positive news comming out of the World Games, shows we are well in the running with a more than 50 / 50 chance.

Its down to two choices 1/ The Money sports & 2/ The modern sports, as to who will get the nod.

A number of big brockers close to the Olympic power brockers have been present observing the skating & what is happening here is giving our sport a very big boost in the push for Olympic Inclusion.

1/ Chinese Taipei winning has all the TV focusing reports on the skaters.

2/ The Front page of the Taipei Times has seed skating a big coloured photo, showing the ladies 1,000 meters 2nd Semi Final.

3/ On ESPN last night Golf first up, had nothing to offer compared to the exciement & racing spectacle at the Bank Track.

CIC President lost everthing in the big LA Aquilla earthquake & has thrown all his energies into the Olympic bid, it would be a wonderfull reward for Roberto to see his beloved sport gain Inchusion in the October voting showdown.
For sure we are right in there.