Results & Pictures- North Of The 49th Marathon- Winnipeg

The North of the 49th Marathon took place this past weekend in Winnipeg. Click here for results and pictures from InlineSkateMpls.

1- Mike Anderson 1:15:01
2- Randy Plett 1:15:55
3- Herb Gayle 1:20:08
4- Chad Weisgram 1:20:09
5- Conny Strub 1:20:13
6- Susan Welch 1:20:13
7- Bryan Sampson 1:20:13
8- Terry Holm 1:20:13
9- Curtis Tesch 1:20:13
10- David Swan 1:20:14

The field sprint for the finish with Conny Strub in front, Sue Welch close behind.    Herb Gayle  won the field sprint to claim 3rd place, Chad Weisgram from Fargo was fourth, followed by Conny Strub and Sue Welch.‘- photo and caption from InlineSkateMpls