Design Canada Results

The Design Canada results are in!

Roller Sports Canada & Il Peloton would like to thank all of the entrants and all of the voters in making the Design Canada! competition an unqualified success. 22 entries were received along with hundreds of votes. Many of you took the time to express your enthusiasm for the contest and shared your comments:

  • I’d be proud to wear just about any one of them – they are excellent.
  • Hard to choose.
  • A wonderful initiative.
  • J’aimerais bien être encore d’âge de porter un Skinsuit et avoir la fierté de représenter mes origines.
  • All I can say is. . .wow!
  • There are so many beautiful choices.
  • Thanks for running the contest.  Fantastic.
  • I wish I could vote for all of them.

After tallying the votes, we are pleased to announce that the winners are. . .

(to enlarge click on the skinsuit)

Design #12 will become the suit for the Canadian World/Pan Am Team and will undergo modifications to meet the teams’ requirements. The final version will be posted at a later date.

Design #20 will become what is called the Official Canada suit. It has already been given some finishing touches, including the application of elements from Design #4, a very popular design in the competition. You can see the final version of the Official Canada suit below:

This suit will be available for sale at Il Peloton, including on the website, starting in March 2008. Matching jerseys and shorts will also be available a little later on in the season. Anyone who wishes to represent Canada while racing or skating anywhere in the world now has the ability to do so. Proceeds from the sale of this clothing will be donated by Il Peloton to support the athletes on the 2008 Canadian World Team.

Once again, a huge thank you to all of the people who contributed, promoted, visited, and voted. It has been a fantastic experience and everyone involved is very proud to have been part of Design Canada!

Your Design Canada! Team
Il Peloton Ltd. & Rollersports Canada 

One thought on “Design Canada Results

  1. Great! What kind of bird is on the gray skinsuit, is it indian? And why 2 flowers on the neck? Finaly, why blue letters, there’s no blue on the candian flag?

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