Design Canada Update

In conjunction with Rollersports Canada, Il Peloton has organized a contest for the creation of two skinsuits for Canadians for 2008. 22 incredible entries were entered into the contest and now is the time for speedskaters everywhere in Canada to vote for their favourite!

One of the suits will be worn by the World and Pan American Games Teams.  The other suit will be made available to anyone who wants to represent Canada in roller speed skating competitions. Proceeds from these suits will help benefit the Canadian World and Pan American Teams.
Over 100 votes have been received thus far. In order to get a greater national input, your help is needed to promote the design competition by informing skaters in your community who might be interested, via e-mail about the contest.
Voting has been extended until Monday January 28th at midnight.
[Read more about Design Canada]

The results of the contest will be announced on this site.

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