Site Update News for December 2007

Hello everyone – we’ve received a number of visitors in the past few months so it’s time to provide a status on the website.  Unfortunately – it’s still under construction.  The website is a volunteer effort and this alone means that the project team works under a “best-effort” contract.  For the time being the following updates are available:

  • Webmasters – a search for a webmaster has started.  At present I’m filling the role until a designated person can be found.  The site will be maintained by several Editors who will keep each respective section of the site up to date.
  • Info – several volunteers have been assigned the task of validating the information we have on these pages.  If you discover any errors or omissions, you can leave your comments at the end of this post.  Please identify where the issue occurs on the site.
  • Design – this is the final design and layout of the site.  Several small changes will occur to the content once the data has been validated.

A bit of background on how this new site works.  It’s built on top of an online content management provider called WordPress.  This software makes the maintenance of the website relatively easy for one or several authors.  Once those authors/editor’s have been identified – that information will be announced here.

Timeline – the timelines are changing and I’m setting a target completion date of March 2008.

Thanks for reading,


2 thoughts on “Site Update News for December 2007

  1. Hi George – that information is still under construction. I don’t have any information from RSC on that yet. I am confident that at some point in time during the 2008 season – we will begin to see that information on the website.

    Thanks for your patience.

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