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This section will allow you to find all the pertinent and necessary Roller Sports Canada forms.

Cette section vous permettra de trouver toutes les formularies pertinentes et nécessaires. Si vous avez des questions ou un formulaire n’est pas disponible en français, veuillez contacter le webmaster.

NOTE: many of these forms are in PDF, MSWord or Excel.  If you do not have the applicable software to open them you can still use the forms using open source office applications.  We have tested these forms with LibreOffice and Adobe Reader.


  • 2018 Insurance Program [document]
  • Notice of Procedural Change – Insurance [document] “Effective April 15, 2015, Roller Sports Canada is requiring all members to submit all claims to Adam Leavens, Director of Risk Management (, prior to submission to Pearson Dunn
  • Insurance Travel Medical Application, Demande d’Assurance Médicale de Voyage [document]
  • Insurance Travel Medical Claim Form [document]
  • Insurance Travel Medical Application Group List Roster [document]
  • RSC Sport Liability & Sport Accident Insurance Membership Benefits [document]
  • Incident report (for litigation – this is not a medical accident report) [document]
  • RSC Insurance Clarifications For Eligibility [document]
  • RSC Insurance Certificate Request Form [document- English]
  • RSC Insurance Sport Accident Claim Form [document- English]
    Déclaration d’accident et de réclamation à l’assurance [document- Français]
    The insurance company no longer requires the original forms to be sent in so the signed completed forms can be submitted electronically or by fax. Please keep your own personal copy
  • 2019 Insurance- Liability, Assurance- Responsabilité [document]
  • 2019 Insurance- Sport Accident, Assurance- Accident de sport [document]

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